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PS3, old and new 3D-ready

September 22, 2010

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 is now officially compatible with 3D TVs. A new patch (available immediately) means that PS3 owners can watch 3D Blu-rays.

Michael Ephraim, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment, said that; “The 3D entertainment revolution has been highly talked about in 2010. With PlayStation 3 consoles now offering 3D Blu-ray movie play back as well as stereoscopic 3D game capability, and even more 3D entertainment content in the pipeline…we can provide (users) with the most comprehensive 3D viewing experience possible”. The upgrade now means that the most financially successful movie of all time, Avatar, can be viewed properly at home using Sony’s console. Sony also confirmed that a slate of 3D video games will be launched in the near future.

The new firmware also features Facebook integration that enables developers to build much more Facebook interaction into their games.

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