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3D ‘device window’ undermines dedicated channels

September 23, 2010

Cable operators say studios are carving out a new and expensive window for 3D, something the TV, DVD and console makers welcome as it helps them sell devices, but which minimises the upside of dedicated 3D channels for operators.

In discussions at the CTAM EuroSummit in Budapest, operators said the mass market for 3D content – which could be reached by cable channels – was being deprived because of separate and earlier windows designed to maximise sales for device makers. They claimed the development of the 3D market was slowed down as a result.

Vassilis Seferidis, director of European business development at Samsung Electronics Europe, defended consumer electronics collaboration with the studios noting said: “When you launch a product you need content. We have to go directly to the content owners and work with them.” He said the problem would solve itself as 3D production became more routine

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