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Apple claims ‘Pod’

September 27, 2010

By Chris Forrester

Apple is laying global claim to just about anything that uses the word ‘pod’. Apple’s busy lawyers have drawn up a 873-page legal claim over the word ‘pod’, and has already used its claims to hit a small start-up outfit, Video Labs, which has a projector device which it called a Video Pod, and to which Apple has objected. Apple has filed a legal claim document to a US court outlining its wish for exclusive use of the word ‘pod’.

Apple says users will be confused over the use of the word which they use for their music products. There’s no word yet on whether Apple is planning the same sort of action for the word ‘pad’.

There’s also no word from the farming community as to whether Apple is objecting to how they grow peas (in a pod), or whether the Santa Pod raceway in Northamptonshire, UK, has been contacted, or the cocoa industry, which draws its product from the cocoa pod and possibly must change its name, or whether the Pod Hotel in New York must abandon its name, or if suite will be filed against the Dolphin community.

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