Advanced Television

BNI Video launches ‘video control plane’

October 13, 2010

BNI Video, a software company backed by Cisco, Comcast Interactive Capital, and Time Warner Cable, has launched with the announcement of a video control plane that enables video service providers (VSPs) in the cable, telecommunications and wireless industries to achieve breakthrough gains in service delivery flexibility, scalability, velocity and reliability. The company also revealed it has raised more than $16 million from its industry backers, as well as from venture capital firms Charles River Ventures and Castile Ventures.

BNI’s video control plane provides the foundation that allows operators to extend their services to incorporate different forms of content from multiple sources. The company’s flexible, intelligent software gives VSPs the functionality and control they need to deploy video and other next-generation services to any end point more easily, quickly and reliably than ever before, resulting in reduced operational costs and complexity, expanded monetidation opportunities, and more compelling end user viewing experiences.

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