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Sheikh’s cultural bouquet

October 15, 2010

From Sotires Eleftheriou in Paris

Sheikh Fahad Alsalem Al Ali Alsabah, the chairman of the media city in Kuwait and nephew of the Emir of Kuwait, is planning to launch a multilingual bouquet of television channels with a very ambitious aim. He wants to promote dialogue, improve the image of the Arab world and also to fight against fanaticism in all forms. If the timetable is adhered to, it could begin broadcasting in the autumn of 2011.

According to the Sheikh, the project has “completed its first phase” which consists of setting up a headquarters in Kuwait. It has now started on the second phase, an international tour to drum up support, beginning with a press conference in Paris. He did not disclose the exact amount that has already been invested in the project, other than to say “millions”, most of it from his own personal funds (he is its main shareholder) plus “other investors”. Asked about which operators would carry the bouquet, he said that “we are talking to everybody”.

He was also vague about the content of the bouquet, but did say it would not be oriented towards news, but to cultural exchanges. The Sheikh will spend two weeks in Paris, talking to political and industrial leaders. He will then return to Kuwait before continuing on his international tour.

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