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Sigma first with set

October 25, 2010

Sigma Designs has announced the CG5110, the industry’s first chipset for home entertainment networking. Sigma says as the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) next-generation standard for wired home entertainment networks over any wire, represents an enormous step forward for consumer electronics OEMs, PC manufacturers and broadband service providers in terms of performance and ease-of-deployment.

With this announcement, Sigma’s CG5110 chipset paves the way for an entirely new class of home entertainment networking products and services. With this Sigma chipset, a solution can now be designed to handle the immense bandwidth required by media-rich applications and high-definition content over any wire, anywhere in the world today and many years ahead. By using all three wires in the home (coax, phone lines and power lines), Sigma’s chipset will enable home networks that can run up to 3Gbps.

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