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VOD and Light Internet everywhere

November 4, 2010

Logiways, a digital TV software expert, has announced the successful integration of a Light Internet  access solution powered by MOBINCOM’s technology in VodAccess, its Push-VoD 2.0 solution.

This integration gives access to all technologies of Telecommunication, TV, VoD and Internet to all  Africans, in a cheap and simple way.  “Our customers demand rich and flexible solutions at an affordable cost, and with the integration of  Mobincom, Logiways is poised to take the market to a whole new level,” said Laurent Pellegrin,  Logiways’ CEO. “We are going to be able to offer high quality VoD over Broadcast, and light internet  services such as chat, email and Web surfing for everyone in every country where 2G networks are  deployed.”

LOGIWAYS VodAccess is a simple and cost-effective solution to offer high definition VoD over a  broadcast television network. It can be easily and quickly deployed over a country using existing  infrastructure. VodAccess enables VoD everywhere on one-way network or low bandwidth  network.   With the integration of Mobincom technology, VodAccess becomes interactive everywhere  through mobile phone network (2G). VodAccessTM is a Push-VoD 2.0 solution allowing new  interactive services around VoD, still without high speed broadband.

MOBINCOM’s Light Internet solution has been chosen by LOGIWAYS, because it delivers and  simplifies the relevant WEB applications to ONE ACCESS BOX: TV, VOD, Internet and IP RADIO  become available to every African, all at once. We’re putting together a unique offer dedicated to  African Infrastructures, including all services around T.I.ME (Telecom, Internet & Media), in a very  simple and affordable way.

Logiways and Mobincom will demonstrate their common solution at AfricaCom 2010, in Cape Town.

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