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Google TV “very unfriendly”

November 19, 2010

Google TV on Sony and Logitech sets has not passed a usability test with tech writers at the NY Times. They found it unclear and unintuitive even for technophiles and said it would ‘alienate’ ordinary users:

“At this early stage, only three gadgets have Google TV: a 46-inch Sony TV (the catchy-named NSX-46GT1, $1,400) and two devices that put it on your existing TV, a Sony Blu-ray player (NSZ-GT1, $400) and a set-top box from Logitech called the Revue (steeply priced at $300). I tried out the Sony TV and the Logitech box.

This much is clear: Google TV may be interesting to technophiles, but it’s not for average people. On the great timeline of television history, Google TV takes an enormous step in the wrong direction: toward complexity.”

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