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2011 road map for MCV mobile TV

November 22, 2010

Mobile Content Venture (MCV), a joint venture of 12 major US broadcasters, has unveiled details of a commitment to upgrade TV stations in 20 DMAs in order to deliver live video to portable devices.  By late 2011, the venture will deliver mobile video service in markets representing more than 40 per cent of the US population.  The service will initially consist of at least two ad-supported free-to-consumer channels in each market. Additional channels and markets are expected to be added over time.

“Live, local video will ultimately be a key part of mobile services,” said Salil Dalvi, co-GM of MCV. “Upgrading our stations for mobile is an important first step in making this a reality.”

“Our commitment to launch in 20 markets, including 13 of the top 15 DMAs, is a significant and necessary step in building a viable commercial mobile TV business that delivers a comprehensive product to viewers,” added Erik Moreno, co-GM of MCV.  “We welcome the opportunity to work with Fox and NBC affiliates, as well as additional broadcasters, in rolling out many more markets.”

In order to receive the mobile video service, consumers will need a device capable of receiving a specific type of mobile video broadcast, encrypted with conditional access.  MCV is working with various OEMs and device manufacturers to ensure these devices are available in the second half of 2011.

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