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Royal wedding to be broadcast in 3D

November 25, 2010

By Chris Forrester

A planning meeting next week between the UK’s main networks on TV plans for next April’s marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton will discuss 3D-TV coverage.

Jana Bennett, BBC Vision’s director, acknowledged that BSkyB had certain 3D plans of their own, but that the ‘pool’ of UK networks including the BBC and ITV channels would almost certainly want some 3D coverage “if only for archive purposes”.

Bennett, speaking at a UK Broadcasting Press Guild event in London, said 3D-TV was a “very interesting area” and that the BBC’s R&D engineers had carried out various 3D tests. Of the other 3D-TV footage, “some has been stunning, but some has not been worth the bother,” she admitted.

However, she stressed that the April wedding could be a major motivator for HDTV take up, in the same way that other royal events, including the present queen’s coronation, had generated a massive interest in television. “I expect much the same from this event, and HDTV is going to be of major interest.”

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