Advanced Television

Sirius-XM not looking abroad

November 29, 2010

By Chris Forrester

Sirius-XM says it is looking for a partner in Mexico, but other than that it is not seeking to play an investment or ownership role in the international development of pay-radio. But it is looking to sell or license its skills internationally.

So said David Frear, CFO and VP at Sirius-XM Radio, speaking at the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch conference in New York. He said specifically that the US pay-radio broadcaster was interested in sharing its technology, and offering content to would-be overseas players. It might also be interested in working with a foreign partner as far as OEM equipment was concerned, or could help in other ways.

This position seems to firmly scotch the persistent rumours that Sirius-XM – at least as far as its 40 per cent investor Liberty Media was concerned – did have some sort of international ambition in pay-radio. Frear’s intention seems to be to expand revenues but not at the risk of foreign adventures.

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