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Arqiva supports the launch of an independent website for live alternative content

December 1, 2010

Arqiva has supported the launch of an independent website promoting live alternative content to cinemas. The new website,, allows rights holders to publish details of their available events and for cinemas to express an interest in screening them. will carry the details of a wide range of sports, arts and entertainment content from all around the world.

Barrie Woolston, Commercial Director at Arqiva Broadcast & Media, said: “Live alternative event cinema is more popular than ever. Events organisers, rights holders and exhibitors recognise the demand for live alternative content and the opportunity this presents. Our experience of working with exhibitors and delivering events on Arqiva’s Digital Cinema Satellite Distribution System identified the need for an independent website to act as a comprehensive database for all live events from all rights holders and all distributors. While Arqiva has been instrumental in launching the website is truly independent and we hope that it will be fully embraced by the industry as a whole.”

Howard Kiedaisch, CEO at Arts Alliance Media, added: “We truly welcome this positive move by Arqiva, our Digital Cinema satellite partners. The undeniable need for such an independent website reflects the successful growth of live alternative content, and it will certainly satisfy the demand for a central point of contact to collate the many events offered by alternative content distributors around the world.”

Daniel Webber, Managing Director at SuperVision Media, commented: “We welcome Arqiva’s initiative in establishing this important website which will certainly list all of our live alternative event content. The ability to liaise directly with exhibitors through the easily accessible medium of will prove invaluable in further growing this extremely promising market.”

Christine Costello, Managing Director at More2Screen, said: “As live alternative event cinema comes of age this website represents a definite move into the mainstream. Cinema audiences of all ages and backgrounds want more live alternative content – from sports to the arts. This website will connect local exhibitors with global events, meeting and further fuelling the demand for world class live alternative content ‘at a cinema near you’.”

Rob Arthur, Managing Director Apollo Cinemas, added: “Up to now there has not been a central directory for exhibitors to review what alternative content is available. From our perspective will be a very useful tool which aligns live alternative content with mainstream content.”

Fabrice Testa, VP Sales & Business Development at XDC, said: “It’s great, a really important and positive step forward for the alternative content market. It’s the sort of simple innovation that could have a really big impact on the uptake of live event cinema.”

Rich Welsh, Director at Dolby, stated “The delivery of live alternative content must match the high quality that the audience expects from the cinema. Dolby welcomes the launch of as it provides essential information on events which will support exhibitors in choosing the best and most reliable experience for their audiences.”

Arqiva provides robust satellite and IP networks for the managed delivery of entertainment, information and advertising worldwide. It works with leading media distributors to provide electronic delivery services for feature films and live events into digital cinemas across Europe.

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