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Cedar Point unveils new technology to drive adoption of HD voice services

December 1, 2010

Cedar Point Communications, a leader in integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) switching technologies for service providers, has announced the availability of Enhanced HD Voice, a new technology that is designed to accelerate adoption and marketability of high-definition (HD) voice for service providers.

Cedar Point has released a software upgrade for its SAFARI C3 Multimedia Switching System that enhances standard voice transmission, enabling business, call center and residential customers with HD endpoints to experience superior quality on any call. The technology improves the call quality, enhances the customer experience, and increases the value of HD voice, making practical for the first time the mass deployment of HD voice services.

Because HD calls traditionally have required both the endpoints and the network to be HD-capable, Cedar Point estimates that less than 20% — and sometimes as little as 1% — of calls are actually experienced in HD. Enhanced HD’s ability to convert standard voice to HD or near-HD quality removes those limitations and enables operators to fully leverage the HD processing capabilities of SAFARI C3.

“Cedar Point is seeking to address the biggest stumbling block that has prevented the ubiquitous adoption of HD voice,” said Alan Breznick, a senior analyst at Heavy Reading. “While HD technology clearly has demonstrated its ability to enhance voice communications, the inability of initial launches to deliver more than a fraction of the promised value has kept the industry from creating a business case for deployment.”

“Businesses and call centers for which clarity and detail are paramount have expressed tremendous interest in HD voice as a way of expediting communication with customers,” said Jeff Walker, vice president of marketing for Cedar Point Communications. “By enabling the highest levels of quality, regardless of the source of the incoming call, Enhanced HD gives providers a key differentiator as they sell into the business services market.”

Cedar Point’s innovative approach to telephony services has driven the deployment of more than seven and a half million voice lines for customers in the Americas, the Caribbean and Europe. Through its flagship products – the SafariFusion Application Platform and the SAFARI C3 Multimedia Switching System – the company supports residential and business services by a diverse customer base that includes Cable System Operators, CLECs, Wireless Operators and Universities.

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