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3D TV sales disappoint over Thanksgiving

December 2, 2010

Despite significant hype from manufacturers, only 5 per cent of consumers that purchased electronics over the Thanks Giving weekend in the US bought 3DTVs, according to the final tally of the Consumer Electronics Association’s Black Friday Survey.

The most frequently purchased consumer electronics items by holiday shoppers that bought electronics were: Video game accessories, purchased by 39 per cent of those consumers; portable MP3 or digital media players, purchased by 37 per cent; video game consoles, 36 per cent; digital cameras, 34 per cent; computers, 29 per cent; televisions (all types), 26 per cent; and notebooks or laptop computers, 24 per cent of those consumers.

Of holidays shoppers that bought consumer electronics this weekend, 16 per cent purchased Smartphones, 13 per cent grabbed eReaders; and 12 per cent picked up Blu-ray players (3D ready was not a separate category).

On the lower end of the survey, 6 per cent of the consumer electronics purchases were tablets, 6 per cent were Internet-enabled TVs and 5 per cent were netbooks.

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