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Bridge Technologies trains next cohort of VideoBRIDGE distribution partners

December 2, 2010

Bridge Technologies will host another in its series of Train-the-Trainers courses for business partners and distributors this December. The BridgeTech Academy series of training courses is designed to help digital and media TV operators understand and master monitoring and service quality control issues, and the Train-the-Trainers courses equip Bridge Technologies distributors with the expertise to train customers using the VideoBRIDGE system.

The latest course will take place in Oslo at Bridge Technologies’ headquarters on Dec. 9-10, and delegates will be able to work with live data on a full-scale VideoBRIDGE installation monitoring a multichannel network. The course provides in-depth understanding of the key elements of digital media monitoring, with extensive exploration of the relationship between MPEG-2 transport stream structure (PSI-SI) and the open industry standards ETSI ETR 101 290 and ETSI TS 102 034.

“The VideoBRIDGE system offers the most sophisticated environment for monitoring the complex digital media delivery chain from end to end,” said Bridge Technologies Course Leader Randouth Tillery. “These courses are important because it’s vital for digital media operators to understand the complexities of the delivery chain, so that they can use the very powerful VideoBRIDGE system effectively. We are highly committed to cascading this expertise through our distribution partners, so that the end-users in turn will become experts in digital media delivery monitoring.”

Developed in response to demand from digital media operators, the Bridge Technologies Academy provides technical personnel with the multidisciplinary operational expertise necessary for a complete understanding of the entire digital TV delivery chain and the VideoBRIDGE advanced monitoring environment.

The BridgeTech Academy is headed by Tillery, a veteran of digital and interactive TV operations management at Telenor, Zonavi, and Canal Digital. The courses draw on the expertise gathered by Bridge Technologies staff through decades at the front line of digital media development and long experience of real-world commercial use of IP in broadcasting and interactive media delivery.

The courses are aimed at technical support engineers with some knowledge of IP and with either a broadcast or telco background. Course content will include:
The transport stream, IP protocol stack
IPTV protocol mappings
Relevant standards, unicast vs. multicast, IGMP
Digital TV measurement techniques
General considerations, standards
What to measure, where to measure
Packet drops, packet jitter
Common network problems, common video problems
Case studies, inter-arrival time, jitter robustness
Stuffed vs. unstuffed streams
The MediaWindow£
Product training
Probes, extractor, generator, VBC

For further details on course location and schedules, please contact Bridge Technologies by phone at +47 22 38 51 00 or by e-mail at

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