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Argentina’s TdA launches VOD

December 8, 2010

Argentine incumbent teleco Telefonica de Argentina (TdA) has launched a VOD service over its ‘Speedy’ ADSL broadband network. Subscribers of the ‘On Video’,  service, will have unlimited access to a library of content, including a variety of television programmes and films. The service is priced at ARS39.9 ($10.2) per month, with no activation fee; subscribers must have a minimum broadband connection speed of 1Mbps to access the VOD offering.

TdA tested a VOD system over IPTV in January 2009 with 100 clients in Buenos Aires. Although the country’s telcos are allowed to provide VOD services, they remain barred from entering the pay-TV sector, in a move designed to prevent the monopolisation of the market.

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