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TV blue button purchases

December 14, 2010

Further to the announcement that Ofcom is set to give final approval to product placement to come into force in February 2011, Visionradio is preparing to revisit its ‘easy2 TV’ Interactive Advertising system developed initially as a concept in 2008.

“TV is one of the best mediums for creating a desire for a product or service, but there has always been a disconnect in that TV couldn’t enable the fulfilment of that desire,” commented Malcolm Stewart, CEO of Visionradio, suggesting that the time has now arrived for such an initiative.

The concept, developed on the IPVision SmartBox 7000 series set-top box, makes use of the built-in Internet return path.

“The viewer can press the blue button on the remote to access an advertiser index, and complete a purchase via the TV if they so wish, through an online experience specifically purposed for TV display and navigation,” said Stewart.

“We see the potential extending naturally both into supporting product placement, and across new connected TV platforms including Yahoo and Google TV. As an enabling company with experience in Internet delivery spanning much of the last decade, we’re interested in partnerships that will shape a rounded offering to the benefit of viewers and suppliers alike”, he added.

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