Ericsson’s TV division has “extraordinary” year

Staffan Pehrson, Ericsson’s VP and head of their Solution Area TV division, described this  past year as generating “extraordinary levels of business” for the company, perhaps still best remembered as Tandberg Television. Pehrson said the company’s order book is full after a “tremendous” 2010, with growth exceeding forecasts and expectations.

While not revealing any hard numbers, Pehrson said all three sub-divisions dealing with telecom operators, cable and broadcasters were showing steady progress. “We are also seeing real progress being made in improved digital compression,” he added.

Pehrson, along with Dr Giles Wilson, CTO at Ericsson’s TV division, said their R&D engineers were making impressive strides in ‘next generation’ compression standards, needed to move today’s digital transmission to a new level of efficiency, affecting video transmission for cellular, as well as conventional TV transmission.

Wilson said he expected some significant announcements in regards to ‘next level’ compression within the next 18 months, which will be essential in handling the challenges from 4,000 line transmissions.

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