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Prime Focus cracks Narnia 2D to 3D conversion

December 20, 2010

By Chris Forrester

Visual effects house Prime Focus is justifiably taking plenty of credit for its latest 2D to 3D stereo conversion effort, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The end result is demonstrable proof that its technology works, and a huge improvement over Clash of the Titans, a box-office 3D financial hit but critical disappointment for 3D aficionados.

‘Narnia 3’ is Hollywood’s biggest full 3D conversion to date and Prime Focus needed to handle a staggering 1500 shots within the 115-minute movie. The major difference for this film was one of time. ‘Clash’ was converted in barely two months. This project involved staff from Prime Focus’ three key locations, in London, Los Angeles and Mumbai. Prime Focus was also involved in some of the spectacular video FX work on Tron Legacy, which has opened to a $43.6 milloion US box office opening weekend, again helped by its 3D and Dolby razzmatazz.

Richard Baker, senior Prime Focus stereographer, emphasised that without the company’s global digital pipeline the process wouldn’t have run as smoothly. “Our long experience and huge knowledge base in the conversion arena, our production proven pipeline and the efficiency of our transfer technology gave us the ability to respond to client changes immediately. The client was amazed that we could view a shot in London, submit notes to Mumbai at the beginning of dailies and have the amended stereo 3D shots sent back for review before the end of the session.”

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