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FilmOn condemns CBS ‘hypocricy’

December 21, 2010

FilmOn has been halted by a restraining order from the four US networks but now founder Alki David is attacking one of the plaintiffs, CBS with YouTube addresses including ‘CBS You Suck.’ He claims CBS is hypocritical on rights in Internet distributed video and says that through its subsidiary CNET, it has distributed over one billion pirate illegal file sharing softwares, as well as DRM cracking software.

CBS-owned CNET makes software available through its site, either via hosted download or via off-site link. Whilst makes available many P2P and Bit Torrent applications, neither protocol is in itself illegal, and has, for example, delisted the Limewire application, whose maker received its own court order barring distribution.

FilmOn has formally stated whether it will appeal the order in court.

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