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61% US homes have HD

December 29, 2010

Consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that 61 per cent of households in the United States have at least one high definition television (HDTV) set, and about 26 per cent have multiple HDTVs. Comparatively, in 2005, 12 per cent of US households had at least one HDTV, and 1 per cent had more than one HDTV.

While less than 1 per cent of all US households currently have an HDTV set that is 3D-capable, nearly 80 per cent of adults in the US have heard of 3D TV. Of those who have heard of 3D TV, 8 per cent are very interested in getting a 3D TV.

These findings are based on a survey of 1,308 households throughout the United States, and are part of a new LRG study, HDTV and 3D TV 2010. This is LRG’s eighth annual study related to HDTV.

Other findings include:

* 60 per cent of HDTV owners report spending under $1,000 on their HDTV set – compared to 48 per cent last year, and 34 per cent two years ago

* 39 per cent of HDTV owners say that they were told how to receive HD programming when they purchased their set

* The mean annual household income of those very interested in getting a 3D TV is 18 per cent below the mean of the sample

* 24 per cent of all adults have seen 3D TV

* 24 per cent of those who have seen 3D TV rate it an 8-10 (with 10 being excellent), while 32 per cent rate it 1-3 (with 1 being poor)

* 21 per cent of all households purchased a new TV set in the past 12 months, and 18 per cent of all households plan to purchase a new TV set in the next 12 months

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