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LG showcases FPR 3D TV

January 6, 2011

LG has showcased its Film Patterned Retarder (FPR, polarised glasses type) 3D panel on the eve of CES. LG Display FPR (Film Patterned Retarder) 3D glasses include circular polarised lens technology for a quality 3D TV experience

“Whereas first generation shutter glass technology introduced us to the possibility of 3D TV, next generation FPR makes 3D practical for mainstream use,” remarked LG Display CEO Kwon Young Soo. “FPR will effectively allow manufacturers to create an incredible quality 3D TV experience that is healthy, convenient and affordable – all factors hindering the popularity of first generation 3D products.”

Existing shutter glass (SG) 3D technology has long been criticised for picture quality problems such as flicker and cross talk, as well as bulky, battery-operated glasses. Given these issues, consumers have been reluctant to purchase more expensive SG 3D TVs over traditional 2D models.

LG hopes that FPR technology, which eliminates all the problems associated with SG 3D, to change consumer perception of 3D TVs from an ‘expensive novelty’ to a ‘practical choice’ for everyday viewing enjoyment.

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