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Universal QuickSet upgrade

January 6, 2011

Universal Electronics announced an upgrade to its UEI QuickSet application, taking the next step toward the ultimate goal of fully automating the setup process for universal remote controls.

UEI QuickSet, first introduced in September 2009, is an embedded application for audio/video and set-top box entertainment devices that simplifies universal remote control set-up and programming through an on-screen wizard and two-way communication link with the remote. UEI QuickSet leads consumers through an onscreen wizard to set up devices and program features and can then automatically load the programming onto compatible remotes.

The latest version of UEI QuickSet, v1.5, utilises data transmitted over HDMI to automatically detect a connected TV and then determine and download the correct code into the remote control without the need for the user to enter in any additional information. The user confirms, and the remote is programmed. The user doesn’t need to know the model number or brand to setup their device in the remote. Any new TV that is connected is recognised, and the consumer can be prompted to point the remote at their TV to complete the setup.

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