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‘Bit Torrent’ certification launched

January 7, 2011

From Nick Snow @ CES

Bit Torrent and the Information and Communications Research Laboratories at Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), one of the world’s leading high-tech research and development institutes, announced a development partnership to define and deploy new standards for consumer electronics device manufacturers.

Chips, designs and devices complying with these standards will be designated as ‘BitTorrent Certified’ and will promise a seamless consumer experience for playing BitTorrent content on Blu-ray and DVD players, digital TV’s, tablets, mobile devices and more.

“Today’s generation of consumer electronics devices are more powerful than ever before, but they still lack cohesiveness and ease of use for content playback,” said Shahi Ghanem, chief strategist and executive vice president at BitTorrent. “Consumers shouldn’t need to differentiate between codecs, file formats, bit rates, and other technology jargon. Content playback should just work – regardless of content type or source.”

“BitTorrent’s new development partnership with ITRI’s Information and Communications Research Laboratories, one of the world’s preeminent research institutes, coupled with close relationships with Taiwanese technology companies, will help us create a new generation of devices that offer consumers a simple promise: your files will play.”

“BitTorrent is a globally recognised company with a community of 100 million users and technologies that have become defacto standards for most industrialised nations. ITRI is pleased to work with BitTorrent for promoting the BT logo and industry standards, and also jointly developing next-generation P2P technologies,” said Cheng-Wen Wu, general director and vice president of ITRI. “Partnering with BitTorrent to create the standards for a new generation of BitTorrent Certified chips, designs and devices fits perfectly with ITRI’s mission of accelerating the development of industry-enabling strategies and will certainly drive growth for Taiwan’s domestic technology industry.”

The BitTorrent Certified technology ecosystem will be comprised of a series of technology standards that ensure compatibility amongst all devices, content, software, and application extensions within the ecosystem. Manufacturers and developers who adopt the new standards will be able to designated devices as BitTorrent Certified and display a special logo. The certification will assure that consumers have a consistent, high-quality experience and offer manufacturers opportunities to differentiate their products in a highly competitive market.

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