Advanced Television

iMovee unveils Mobeo

January 12, 2011

iMovee, the Mobile TV technology, has confirmed the launch of Mobeo, an advanced wireless pocket streamer that enables broadcast mobile TV on any WiFi enabled device, smartphone or tablet. Mobeo brings “Telefusion” to smartphones and tablets by combining live broadcast TV, live streaming TV/VOD and social media networks. The Mobeo line of products addresses several broadcast digital TV technologies, including ATSC-MH for the USA, ISDB-T for Latin America, DVB-T for Europe and more, all enabled by Siano’s leading mobile TV receiver chips.

Mobeo is a wireless accessory that supports host devices such as smartphones and tablets that run on the most popular operating systems, including as Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7. This enables the accessory to smoothly connect to the most modern smartphones and tablets, such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola’s Droid, HTC’s Trophy, and many more.

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