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MRG: Managed IPTV market steady growth

January 19, 2011

Based on information from 875 IPTV Operators, where the total number of IPTV Operators have increased by 22 since Q2/2010, the rate of growth of global IPTV Operators continues at a rate of over 10 new Operators per quarter, with 50 per cent of those in North America reports MRG.

With the unprecedented number of 20 Vendor acquisitions in 2010, the global IPTV industry is poised for even larger growth. Overall, there were 20 key IPTV Vendor acquisitions during 2010. The total value of the 10 reported financial transactions was $1.95 billion reported. If the other 10 unreported deals were added, the overall value of the transactions would be well over $2 billion. In 2011 Vendors and Service Providers also are starting to embrace Over-the-Top (OTT) video services, as well as other forms of online entertainment options in order to provide value to consumers.

Vendors released a variety of new cloud-based IP video solutions during 2010, which focuses on delivering OTT and managed IPTV entertainment mixed with linear TV and VOD. Clearly, IPTV Operators around the world are looking to better compete against the incumbent Pay-TV Operators through a variety of new IP-based services.

Globally, there were no changes to the Number 1 ranked IPTV Market Leaders Vendors in the six IPTV product segments covered. However, in Asia there were several changes to leaders as Service Providers in China and South Korea saw large subscriber growth in 2010. Many changes in ranks below Number 1 occurred regionally, all tracked in the report. “Some smaller Telcos are looking at unmanaged OTT or hybrid OTT (including Digital Satellite or Digital Terrestrial plus OTT) to provide video services,” says Jose Alvear, MRG IPTV Analyst. “It is yet to be determined how widespread the move to OTT really is, and how much it impacts new Operator trials and strategies.”

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