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Trilithic introduces the new EASyCAP Software and EASyCAPIntegrated Server solution for supporting IPAWS-CAP on EASyPLUS, EASyCASTand EASyIPTV systems

January 20, 2011

Trilithic, the experts in digital Emergency Alert Systems, introduces the new EASyCAP Software and
EASyCAP Integrated Server solution for supporting IPAWS-CAP on EASyPLUS, EASyCAST and EASyIPTV systems.

FEMA announced the adoption of the new CAPv1.2 standard and the IPAWS v1.0 Profile. All EAS participants, including cable TV systems, broadcasters, and IPTV video providers must support CAP by September 30, 2011.

Trilithic’s new EASyCAP software can support multiple EASy Series Encoder/Decoder Systems and provides everything needed to be IPAWS-CAP compliant. CAP alerts can be received from multiple sources such as TCP, DM-OPEN v1, or IPAWS-OPEN SOAP interfaces. EASyCAP also directly supports Governor Must Carry Alerts. As a completely networked-based solution, there is no need for additional audio or serial connections. EASyCAP software also supports text to speech capabilities. The entire CAP alert, including
expanded text and audio are delivered to the EASy Series Systems across a network connection, fully supporting CAP text and MP3 audio.

“We are very excited about Trilithic’s implementation for CAP compliance. With our ability for one CAP server to handle as many as eight EASy Encoder/Decoders, both hardware and security risks are kept to a minimum”, says Arthur Leisey, Director of the EAS Division at Trilithic. This allows operators and video
providers to add next generation EAS capabilities to the currently deployed EASy Series systems at minimal costs.”

The new EASYCAP Software is available as a stand alone software solution or as an integrated Server package with the EASyCAP software pre-installed to support up to eightEasy Series Systems. Additional CAP interfaces will become available as they are defined and required by FEMA, the FCC, individual states or individual operators.

Trilithic’s integrated solutions enable cable TV systems, broadcasters and IPTV video providers to improve efficiency and gain greater control over Emergency Alert System messaging with seamless, IP-based EAS solutions.

Trilithic is the leading supplier of EAS equipment and EAS systems and solutions for cable television, satellite, broadcast, and IPTV. With network based EAS receivers, flexible hardware platform, network connectivity for ease of use and flexibility, remote programming and automated compliance software, Trilithic’s IP-based EAS systems provide enhanced efficiency, improved control, and worry-free alert distribution and reporting.

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