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US and S. Korea account for 66% of 3D TV sales

January 20, 2011

The US and South Korean 3D TV markets accounted for 66 per cent of total Worldwide sales in 2010 according to By 2014, it is forecast that Western Europe will see a strong increase in sales with the region representing the largest market for worldwide 3D TVs by 2012 onwards.

In 2010, US represents the largest market in terms of 3D TVs accounting for 40 per cent of total worldwide sales in 2010. By 2015, the US is forecast to record $25 billion worth of sales as the market matures and the technology becomes more mainstream and affordable.

The upcoming development of 3D dedicated channels in Europe, America and Asia over the coming years is expected to drive the further uptake of 3D televisions with the top four companies, Sony LG Electronics, Samsung and Panasonic all positioning themselves in readiness for the growth in sales. The industry is expecting the uptake of 3D TVs to follow a similar trend as the uptake of colour models did to black and white entertainment decades ago.

The uptake of 3D TVs to date has been relatively slow although the imminent promotion of new channels and content from DVDs is likely to drive sales in this new technology in the near future. Only recently, Penthouse has announced that it is planning to launch a 3D channel devoted to original adult-oriented programming which is expected to be broadcast in the second quarter of 2011. In addition, sports programming may move 3D along with ESPN 3D expanding its programming to 24/7 on February 14th. Currently the channel airs only select games and events.

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