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Cassells heads AEPOC

January 25, 2011

The European Association for the Protection of Encrypted Works and Services, announced the appointment of Sheila Cassells to the position of AEPOC Executive Director.

Cassells will assume the duties of the Executive Director as of February 1st, 2011; her designation was confirmed unanimously within an AEPOC extraordinary Board of Directors meeting on January 21st. In her new role Sheila Cassells will implement and develop the Association’s anti-piracy action programmes and execute the day-to-day management of AEPOC. She will report to the Board of Directors, chaired by Philippe-Olivier Rousseau.

Sheila Cassells brings to AEPOC a host of experience in the TV industry as a public policy professional. She has served in several senior management positions in both the regulatory and regulated sides of the media and communications sectors for over 20 years, including the role of Head of Economic Policy at BSkyB and as Director of Economic Regulation at the Independent Television Commission in the UK. Sheila Cassells also established and is Executive Director of the Digital Interoperability Forum (DIF) – a pan-European informal trade association for the paid-for content distribution chain addressing technology policy issues. Sheila Cassells will continue also in her role as Executive Director of DIF.

Philippe-Olivier Rousseau, AEPOC President and Chairman of the Board, said: “I am extremely pleased to welcome Sheila Cassells as new Executive Director of AEPOC. Sheila Cassells has an outstanding track record in public policy activities within the European media and telecommunication sectors; we believe she will make a very powerful contribution to our management team to support the fight against Pay-TV piracy. Sheila will also efficiently contribute to strengthen the links between AEPOC and the other trade associations fighting against piracy.”

Sheila Cassells commented on her new appointment: “I am delighted to have been selected to become the new AEPOC Executive Director. I look forward to developing AEPOC’s operations and the opportunity to achieve new goals in the EU and international regulatory field and drive forward industry cooperation of the AEPOC members and their partners to combat audiovisual piracy in Europe – and beyond.”

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