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RGB Networks to demonstrate mobile video processing solutions at Mobile World Congress 2011

February 2, 2011

Demonstrations to highlight how operators can easily deliver and monetise video across mobile, tablet, PC and TV screens

Stand 2B101 at Mobile World Congress – RGB Networks, the leader in high-capacity multi-screen video delivery, will showcase its solutions for optimising the delivery of video to mobile, tablet, PC and TV environments. At Mobile World Congress, RGB will demonstrate its award-winning Video Multiprocessing Gateway (VMG), the industry’s only carrier-class platform for multi-screen video delivery, as well as its TransAct Packager, which enables the formatting and delivery of high-quality video content on any IP-capable device.

Driven by the growing availability of low-cost, high-resolution mobile devices, personal computers, and Internet-connected TVs, consumer demand has increased substantially for the availability of video on any device and over any network connection. This, however, is not without its complications, and with mobile video emerging as the integral part of the video experience, operators have to introduce new delivery technologies, content protection and monetisation strategies in order to ensure its success.

As will be demonstrated at the show, RGB delivers the key infrastructure elements to enable an integrated IP-based, multi-device experience. Mobile World Congress highlights will include the ability of RGB’s VMG/TransAct Packager solution to seamlessly deliver video to multiple mobile devices, to include an iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Tab, as well as a laptop PC and a large-screen HDTV. This demonstration illustrates the ease with which video services providers can deliver premium content, in MPEG-2 and MPEG-4/H.624 formats, simultaneously to any device. The demonstration will also showcase the VMG’s ad insertion capabilities, showing how providers can seamlessly extend their existing advertising strategies to incorporate any type of video-enabled device.

“Video is becoming a key element of any mobile service providers’ offering and should play an essential part in any operator’s strategy to compete,” said Ramin Farassat, Vice President, Product Marketing and Business Development for RGB Networks. “However, all too often infrastructure challenges and cost can act as barriers to adoption. As we’ll demonstrate at Mobile World Congress, RGB Networks’ products provide a multi-device IP delivery solution that can scale for any size deployment, while delivering a sound return on investment through ad insertion.”

One of the challenges to delivering premium mobile video services, offering both live and on-demand programming, is meeting the demand for the large number of video profiles–the same video streams at various resolutions and bit-rates–that must be generated to accommodate the growing number of mobile devices, including feature phones, smartphones and the proliferation of video-enabled tablets. With the profile count in the hundreds, and rapidly growing into the thousands, operators require a highly scalable, high-capacity, solution for real-time transcoding, along with a flexible solution to ‘package’ output streams for a number of adaptive streaming protocols, while also providing encryption and support for digital rights management (DRM). RGB offers just that–a multi-screen video delivery solution that can meet the requirements of any deployment–large or small–without breaking the bank, consuming excessive rack space, or requiring unnecessary management time and resources.

Executives from RGB Networks will be available on stand 2B101 throughout Mobile World Congress, taking place February 14-17, 2011 in Barcelona, to answer questions and provide a hands-on demonstration of the unique advantages of RGB’s three screen video delivery and monetisation solution.

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