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BeeSmart hosts 25,000 new users from PTK

February 7, 2011

BeeSmart, the acknowledged interactive TV solution provider for service  operators  and  hospitality  market,  is  proud  to  announce  a  successful  deployment  of  BeeSmart  interactive TV middleware platform with  the initial set of 25.000 end-user licences for  Post and  Telecommunications of Kosovo J.S.C. (PTK)

The whole project Supply and Installation of Platform for providing IPTV services was procured by  Smart Com, which entrusted BeeSmart with a complete consultancy, system design and deployment of a  comprehensive end to end interactive TV solution.

All standard TV services are provided with the platform, as well as some of the most advanced value  adding services such as multimedia sharing, TV commerce and targeted advertising. With BeeSmart  middleware at its core, this solution enables PTK to significantly improve end user satisfaction and  provides a number of attractive services to improve basic service quality and experience.

The most important goal of this project – to empower PTK for delivery of the best possible interactive TV  services to their customers, was achieved. Clearly this investment places PTK among one of the most  advanced telecom operators in the region.

“Attaining  this  demanding  project  was  a  technical  and  organizational  challenge  that  gave  us  the  opportunity to express our competitive edge once again and equip another telco operator with the best  tools and services available on the market today. BeeSmart wishes PTK a steady start and a successful  development of interactive TV service in the coming years! ” says Matjaz Bevk, CEO at BeeSmart.

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