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Analyst firm: Internet TV’s time is coming

February 16, 2011

Internet TV finally looks ready to live up to its promise, according to the Sector Focus commentary by Turner Investments. Analysts at Turner see it “gaining wider consumer acceptance and commercial scale in this decade.”

“Perhaps the biggest thing Internet TV has going for it,” the authors say, “is that it’s part of a technological megatrend known in geek-speak as digital connectivity: the Internet is enabling consumers to connect to all manner of digital devices and systems — TVs, smart phones, tablet computers, laptop computers, home-entertainment hardware, and household controls for electricity, heating, and security — wherever and whenever they want.”

Factors that have held Internet TV back, say the analysts, include complexity of installation and use and a lack of professionally produced programmes. However, technology is becoming more accessible and Internet TV is gaining viewership at double-digit annual rates, which should increase financial incentives to produce more online programming.

They assert that networking is vital to the expansion of Internet TV, and they anticipate that companies that increase bandwidth and expand the digital network will do well going forward. Eight companies they think may benefit: Broadcom, Cisco Systems, D-Link, Entropic Communications, Netgear, Qualcomm, Roku, and Rovi.

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