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Video consumption: DTO still rules

February 25, 2011

While streaming from “the cloud” is all the rage, when it comes to consumers managing and storing their electronic home video libraries, downloading and viewing digital video on the PC still rules the day. According to In-Stat’s consumer survey, nearly 50 per cent of US broadband households report that they store their electronic video home library on their desktop PC whilst 30 per cent use their notebook PCs. Smaller percentages store electronic video on their gaming devices, portable media players, Flash devices, and mobile handsets.

“The digital entertainment industry is pushing US consumers to shift to electronic sell-through (EST) and to build electronic home video libraries.” says Keith Nissen, Principal Analyst. “However, digital video usage models are now a mix of physical discs, free content, video on demand, streaming and rental models, in addition to outright purchases. Nevertheless, downloading and storing video is a growing and important element in the overall mix. By 2015, collectively, US broadband households will be storing over 4.5 million GBs of professional video content. This translates to up to 65GBs stored per household.”

Research findings include:
– Only 38 per cent of broadband households back up their video libraries.
– Only 10 per cent of US BB HHs currently view locally stored video on multiple devices.
– Multiple copies of the same content will be stored on separate devices.
– Only TV programmes and movies that will be viewed multiple times will be purchased.
– 64 per cent of US BB HHs acquire, store, and view video content on the same device.

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