IPTV base will double by 2015

 IMS Research study IPTV: A Global Market Analysis – 2011 Edition, indicate that the worldwide IPTV subscriber base in 2015 will exceed 70 million. Currently, the market size stands near 36.5 million.

John Kendall, IMS Research Market Analyst and author of the study states, “Most of the current growth for the platform is centered in Western Europe and China.  However, while China is expected to continue to experience double digit growth rates year over year, IPTV in several Western European countries is reaching the saturation point.”

The emerging markets of Latin America and Eastern Europe are also expected to be IPTV hotspots.  “Eastern Europe is a mixed bag,” Kendall continues.  “On the one hand, you have countries like Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia where IPTV growth has been rapid, due to significant capital expenditure and robust network infrastructure. Russia has also experienced substantial growth for the platform on a country-wide basis.  However, in Romania or Poland, there is a much more nascent IPTV market, primarily due to poor network infrastructure and highly competitive pay-TV markets.” Kendall goes on to add that he does expect the market in Eastern Europe to follow the worldwide trend and double in size by 2015.

Latin America’s market emergence remains in its infancy, though there is significant growth potential in the market.  “Regulator recalcitrance is the primary limitation for IPTV in Latin America,” Kendall states. “In countries like Colombia, where telcos are permitted in the pay-TV space, the platform has found a very receptive audience.”

IPTV is also expected to play very prominently in the Hospitality market.  Set-top box shipments are expected to experience a 75% growth rate from 2010 to 2015, as hoteliers have begun to realize the flexibility and scalability of the platform. “IP delivery for VOD alone is a game-changer,” Kendall says.  “Hoteliers are recognizing the value of the IP platform and are increasingly moving to adopt it.”

“Make no mistake,” states Kendall, “IPTV is the platform of the future.  Over-the-top content is becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity.  Cable operators are exploring options to utilize DOCSIS to deliver linear IP video.  Satellite operators are deploying hybrid boxes utilizing IP connections for VOD.  IP is touching every facet of the pay-TV market, and that influence is only going to spread as the true potential of the technology is realized.”

The Fourth Edition IPTV report includes comprehensive analysis for 68 countries and profiles more than 200 operators.  The report also includes a bandwidth forecast, which focuses on the amount of bandwidth utilized by IPTV households, signal delivery methods (xDSL, FTTH, & DOCSIS), set-top box shipments and revenues, and an examination of the IPTV Hospitality market.  This report compliments IMS Research’s The World Market for Set-top Boxes & iDTVs, a comprehensive report on all platforms supporting DTV, which is currently in production of its 11th edition.  Please contact IMS Research for information on either study.


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