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Halton: YouView worth waiting for

March 4, 2011

By Colin Mann

The delayed launch of open IPTV platform YouView will result in a product that has been worth waiting for, according to the operation’s CEO, Richard Halton.

He told delegates at the DTG Summit that the platform had been proved ready and would undergo extensive trials by the end of 2011, prior to a full commercial launch in 2012. “We’ve taken time to get it right,” he admitted. “I feel we’ve made the right decision.”

Moving forward, Halton confirmed that a single document with the final core technical was in preparation for launch on April 14. Further developer APIs would follow, together with a focused alignment of YouView specifications with the DTG’s D-Book set of digital TV specifications. There would also be a scaling of device manufacturer engagement to support further device manufacturers, with a commitment to support the content industry with the creation of a technical development group. The industry zone on the YouView site was also being revamped to ensure important information was available.

Halton also said that finalised YouView specifications could also form the basis of other similar product deployments by industry partners in other territories.

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