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Sirius-XM wants international business

March 8, 2011

US pay-radio operator Sirius-XM is looking at international opportunities.  Greg Maffei, Liberty Global’s CEO, is confirming what many had suspected for some time, and that Sirius-XM (Liberty controls 40 percent of Sirius-XM) wanted to expand overseas. “One of our goals is to get more international,” he told Credit Suisse’s Global Media & Communications conference.

A Sirius-XM statement accompanying their March 1 results says: “The relatively low cost of subscription to satellite radio versus the substantial value received by listeners has proven to be a very positive ratio, and this suggests tremendous potential for future growth in subscriptions far into the future. Sirius XM is now actively leveraging its base of subscribers through the auto industry installations, to extend into homes, businesses, restaurants, and geographically, as well, as coverage expands with international potential in coming years.”

The larger question is now to ask whether Sirius-XM is seeking international partnerships. There are at least three would-be players in Europe: Ondas Media, Onde Numerique and of course, Worldspace which is now emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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