Advanced Television

Tivù OTT service for Italy

March 10, 2011

Italian TV service provider Tivù and Intertrust have formed a partnership to create Marlin Digital Rights Management (DRM) based services for Italian broadcasters wishing to create “over the top” Internet TV channels.

Tivù and Intertrust will use Marlin DRM to supply video protection and management technology as part of an open Italian Internet TV services platform based on the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) standard. The technologies developed will allow broadcasters and network operators to serve video to Internet television sets, Set Top Boxes and other Internet-enabled devices.

Tivù will create services using Intertrust’s Marlin technology and trust service infrastructure to supply Marlin digital certificates to network operators and device makers in Italy. These services will allow manufacturers to create a broad range of TVs and Set Top Boxes that will provide Italian TV viewers with expanded choices to view Internet TV. Similarly, broadcasters and content publishers will benefit from the ability to transmit TV content over the Internet without needing to commit to closed platforms.

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