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Murdoch: Viewers will demand more 3D

March 16, 2011

James Murdoch thinks audiences will ultimately want all big events to be recorded in 3D, though the chief executive of News Corp Europe and Asia admitted that filming sports in 3D for Sky in the UK had been “very hard” because of the need to duplicate cameras and staff but it had to be done.

However, he agreed with Avatar director James Cameron, who was his interviewer at the Abu Dhabi Media Conference, that making content in both 2D and 3D was “not a good business model”. Avatar 3D took $2.8bn for News Corp’s Fox studio.

Both agreed that it was going to be necessary to make more and more content in 3D. “Customers will not want big events that are not in 3D at some point in the future because it is such an exciting and immersive experience,” said Murdoch.

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