Advanced Television

Pace NET development

March 17, 2011

Pace has signed a deal to expand its two year partnership with NET, the largest multi-service cable company in Latin America. Under the deal, Pace will develop new platforms to enable NET to deploy advanced digital services to its customers. Pace has also reached a significant milestone by shipping one million of its SD Zapper set-top boxes to NET.

With their extended partnership, NET will work with Pace, the leading developer of digital TV technologies for the payTV industry, to roll-out three new platforms for 2011. These will include the SD set-top box, a high definition (HD) interactive set-top box and a HD PVR. These platforms will support NET’s transition to complete digitised television services for its subscribers through an HD interactive set-top box. The Pace design means that users can quickly and easily upgrade to PVR capabilities by simply inserting a hard disk drive into their existing device.

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