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Research: 3DTV numbers look good for Germany

March 20, 2011

By Chris Forrester

There is growing scepticism over the potential success for 3DTV in some markets, but not – seemingly – in Germany, where last year’s sales figures for 3D sets are likely to be dramatically exceeded.

Forecasts from market research company GfK expect 2011 sales figures for 3D sales to top one million units, and significantly beyond last year’s 200,000. “One can therefore speak of a successful market penetration with further growth potential,” says GfK senior analyst Juergen Boyny.

“It is also positive to see that the sales of 3D Blu-ray Players, 3D AV Receivers and 3D Home Theatre Sets are developing parallel to 3DTV Set sales. In others words we can expect to see Germans equip their living rooms with 3D Home Cinema products this year. The future is bright for hi-fi and video devices in 2011.”

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