Edgware distributed VDN

Edgeware has unveiled its Distributed Video Delivery Network (VDN) strategy for network operators. Edgeware’s Distributed VDN is a unified framework for video delivery, answering operators’ demand for a simple platform to deliver next generation video services with the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) to any screen, independent of the underlying network infrastructure.

Up until now, meeting the growing consumer demand for high quality content anytime, anywhere, on any device has been a challenge. Operators were forced to take radically different approaches to deliver linear TV, VoD and OTT services. Edgeware’s highly scalable solution is infrastructure independent. The Distributed VDN offers operators a simple approach to implement, manage, control and monetize content delivered over their networks.

Edgeware developed its Distributed VDN framework to include five key elements that together built a complete video delivery infrastructure:

· Unified purpose-built server allows operators to deliver IPTV or Cable services over managed network as well as WebTV and HTTP adaptive streaming based services over TCP based unmanaged networks.

· Demand based asset propagation enables automatic distribution of content across the network using popularity based algorithms for most effective use of network bandwidth and improving the overall QoE.

· Sophisticated management tools for playout, session, bandwidth and systems management and reporting to enable further monetization of content through provisioning of wholesale services. Advanced playout management allows for maximum leverage of existing assets by enabling virtual channels and ad insertion.

· Advanced time-shift services allow easy addition of features such as start over, Pause LiveTV and network Personal Video Recorder (nPVR.) Integrated multicast to unicast conversion allows maximum use of existing resources and migration or extension of services from walled garden IPTV to OTT or WebTV services.

· Fast Channel Change and retransmission further enhance QoE across high packet loss environments.

“In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving environment, operators needed an easy to deploy, cost-efficient and highly scalable solution for video delivery,” said Joachim Roos, Edgeware’s chief executive officer. “Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network gives the operators freedom to simply and quickly migrate from their existing environment, monetize content delivered over their networks and further enhance the Quality of Experience for their subscribers.”

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