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Access’ NetFront browser selected by Nintendo for Its Nintendo 3DS handheld game console

March 24, 2011

Access, a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, has announced that Access’ NetFront Browser, an advanced and powerful mobile browser, has been selected by Nintendo as the new browser engine for the Nintendo 3DS handheld game console. The Nintendo 3DS was launched in Japan on Feburary 26th, and is scheduled to be launched on March 25th in Europe and on March 27th in the US.

Designed to provide high performance and an exceptional browsing experience in memory and CPU resource-constrained environments, NetFront Browser has already been deployed in over one billion devices throughout the world (as of January 31, 2011), including mobile handhelds, game consoles, e-book readers, DTVs, mobile phones and many other types of devices. NetFront Browser will be used as the browser engine in the Nintendo 3DS to provide internet browsing functionality.

“I’m enormously proud that our experience and expertise with browser technology has been part of the development of the Nintendo 3DS, which is a revolutionary 3-D gaming device. We remain committed to developing new cutting-edge solutions that will support the Nintendo 3DS in the marketplace and promote the ongoing growth and development of the gaming market at the global level,” said Tomihisa Kamada, president and CEO, Access.

Internet browsing features based on the NetFront Browser engine will be released to users via a future update for the Nintendo 3DS.

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