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Showtime and Starz delay Netflix supply

March 25, 2011

Two of the OTT and DVD service’s most important content providers have changed their distribution agreements with the company, reflecting growing anxiety about the pace of growth at the DVD subscription and movie streaming company.

Showtime, the pay-TV service owned by CBS, this said it would remove all of its first-run programming from Netflix’s streaming service, including hit shows such as Californication and Dexter.

Starz, a subsidiary of  Liberty Media group has implemented a 90-day window between the first broadcast date of its shows on its channels and their availability on Netflix.

Starz said it would implement the change on April 1st. The change only affects original programming from Starz, although the company also plans to negotiate new terms for the movies that it provides Netflix through its distribution deals with Walt Disney and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Netflix said the change would have little impact on its subscribers.

“There’s a natural ebb and flow to the titles available to watch instantly on Netflix,” the company said. “There are titles that come in and out of licence … that’s part of the windowing system that’s been in place in Hollywood for years.”


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