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SMiT joins hands with Orbit giving birth to OTT Solution innovations

March 28, 2011

Stepping into the year of 2011, the bloom in worldwide OTT market is breaking the traditional situation in TV content delivery, which was once monopolized by broadcaster and telecom operators. Improved policies and standards benefited the development of the whole OTT industry chain, and the industry is more open and rich in different countries and regions. It lowers the hurdle for media content delivery and contributes to a more diversified player group – in addition to broadcaster and telecom operators, it also includes CE terminal manufacturers, media groups, internet companies, content distributor, etc. With the help of rapid development of public internet bandwidth, some built their own “Walled Garden”, and some allied together and march into the TV market. At the same time, they are adding value to their service by providing more choices of content that suits different interest, such as film and TV, education, games, catch-up service and communities, all these revolutionized the definition of TV over night.

When OTT technology provides our audience with infinite space of imagination, it also brings up more challenges for program developers. As early as 2009, SMiT had noticed the coming of the era of TV2.0, and got itself technically prepared for the transition from traditional DVB broadcasting to internet distribution. On the perspective of service module, the OTT terminal solutions designed by SMiT enable both parallel and single execution of DVB and IP, thus provide a flexible combination of solution features. As for security, SMiT utilizes the core advantage of conditional access, and is already collaborating with mainstream DRM vendors like Verimatrix. For terminal function, we are maintaining competitive edge over local media playback, online, VOD, catch-up, browser, plug-in, Flash, games, internet connections, etc. Last but not least, we treasure user experience – by the application of various mature technologies such as OpenGL, QT, Flash, SMiT develops new UI so as to improve interface and make them more user-friendly and fashionable.

Recently, SMiT joins hands with OTT Solution service provider Orbit, side by side they developed and deployed NextTV project, which is under NextMedia, Taiwan. This project involves over millions of users, which makes it one of the largest OTT project in Taiwan – if not the world. Now, the service is already officially online. By adopting the orbit-TV OTT Solutions provided by Orbit, we are providing all-round services including live broadcast, VOD and catch-up to all users through SMiT set-top boxes. After the design and development of SMiT and Orbit’s first generation products, we are now aggressive towards the development of generation two products. Users can enjoy more functions by online upgrading.

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