Time Warner ‘TV Everywhere’ mobile spat

Time Warner Cable is in a row with networks over who controls the rights to stream live content to consumers’ mobile devices.

The spat broke out last week when TWC released an application for Apple’s iPad that lets its customers watch linear programming on the tablet. Users can only watch the live channels while connected to the wireless internet in their home, which TWC also provides.

But some networks say TWC has exceeded its rights. Scripps, owner of HGTV, which was made available for streaming on the app, said it “has not granted iPad video streaming rights to any distributor and is actively addressing any misunderstandings on this issue.”

But TW said there were no plans to make fewer channels available for live streaming on the app, and that “there is more functionality and breadth coming” to it.  “We’re not doing anything different with the iPad app than we already do. We’re delivering the feed that our customers pay for over our secure network in their home,” the company said.

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