DekTec responds to worldwide broadcast needs with expanded line of modulators

DekTec has responded to the multi-standard needs of the broadcast community worldwide by expanding its line of modulators with the DTA-2107 Satellite Modulator and DTA-2111 UHF/VHF Modulator. Both PCI Express cards have been developed based on customer requests for expanded capabilities and are made of the latest state-of-the-art components. They both cover either VHF/UHF or L-band -DekTec`s high quality test signal generator is comparable to products on the market that cost ten times more, while providing the latest technology to broadcasters at a fantastic value.

With an amazing amount of flexibility built in, each modulator is capable of 8-VSB, DVB-T2, QAM, DVB-C2, DVB-T/H, DTMB, CMMB, and ISDBT. Additionally, they can be used in existing STB development and test functions. The DTA-2107 and DTA-2111 are ideal for production testing with use of the automation/remote control provided with StreamXpress.

Broadcasters will be impressed with the significantly improved phase noise of the DTA-2107 and its strengthened multi-standard appeal with the ISDB-S option also being introduced alongside DVB-S/S2, allowing it to coincide with new hardware. DVB-S2 is now fully implemented and supports 16 and 32 APSK.

Of significant note, the DTA-2111 fulfills the growing requirement for DVB-C2 modulation and supports 16MHz, which aids in the testing of new receivers.

Stephane Billat, General Manager for DekTec America Inc., commented, “Broadcasters worldwide have increasing multi-standard requirements.  DekTec is proud to continue to offer the gold standard in test modulators at a great value. The DTA-2107 and DTA-2111 will future-proof test stations for ever-changing technical needs.”

The PCI Express cards will also be of welcomed by the growing band of integrators choosing DekTec components as a OEM products in the digital signage and hotel entertainment system markets with a Linux/Win SDK Kit.

Both the DTA-2107 and DTA-2111 will be on display during the NAB Show in Las Vegas in the South Upper Hall at Booth SU6202.  Interviews happily granted and welcomed.  Photos available upon request.

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