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Public Television Network selects T-VIPS’ remultiplexers

March 31, 2011

T-VIPS, a global expert in professional video transport solutions for contribution, distribution, and digital terrestrial television, has announced delivery of T-VIPS CP525 cMUX remultiplexers to an undisclosed public television network in the Southeastern region of the U.S.

The CP525 cMUX is a powerful tool for flexible processing, multiplexing, and scrambling of MPEG transport streams. The PBS affiliate had a requirement for monitoring and switching of incoming transport streams with local PSIP rebranding to ensure delivery of its signal. T-VIPS was awarded this considerable order based upon its ability to quickly modify its CP525 to enable switching between incoming transport streams. This added functionality is now available for any CP525 user.

According to Janne T. Morstøl, President of T-VIPS America, “The selection of T-VIPS’ transport stream processing and switching technology for mission-critical transmission at this highly regarded public network demonstrates the superior quality and flexibility of our approach. While our multiplexing and processing products are compact hardware devices, they are driven by software that we can quickly modify to suit our customers’ needs. As their needs change, customers can add additional features via software upgrades. This software architecture enhances the scalability and robustness of our product line.”

The T-VIPS’ CP525 units are currently being installed across the multiple-station network at each of its transmitter sites, and at its main TV studio facility.

Each CP525 is configured for four ASI inputs, including two from main and redundant microwave receivers and two from main and redundant satellite receivers. With the newly added input switching capability, the CP525’s will be able to perform prioritized switching between these transport streams automatically. As part of its internal transport stream monitoring, the CP525 can detect errors in the incoming transport stream and switchover to a redundant ASI input if necessary to ensure optimal performance.

The CP525 has extensive transport stream processing capabilities, including service and component filtering, PSIP rebranding, remultiplexing, and PSI/SI/PSIP program table updates. While the units will mainly be used for transport stream switching and PSIP rebranding, they will also be relied upon for their ASI and SMPTE-310 signal conversion functionality.

The CP525 cMux allows user-friendly configuration and management of deployed devices using either a WEB/XML based remote control or T-VIPS Connect software.

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