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‘Mobile TV opens door for 3 screen services’

April 1, 2011

Mobile TV and video has always been perceived as a standalone service, but in fact it is the key to delivering an integrated 3 screen service; providing a seamless experience between the STB, PC and a smartphone or tablet device, says Ray DeRenzo, Chief Marketing Officer at MobiTV Inc.

In the last year MobiTV more than doubled the number of subscribers watching its live and VOD content on mobile devices from 7 million to 15 million. The consumer uptake of live streaming and on-demand services over 3G and Wi-Fi has been driven by smartphones and tablets equipped with ‘video capabilities’, higher resolution and screen sizes of up to 11 inches. The emergence of connected devices that provide access to a vast range of applications and services has completely altered consumer expectations of TV viewing. DeRenzo believes that continuity and mobility is the key to 3 screen television. Consumer acceptance of TV ‘on the go’ has opened the door to a truly converged 3 screen offering that will allow broadcasters, cable operators and pay TV providers to extend the delivery of primetime shows, live sporting events and VOD services to tablets, smartphones and PCs – regardless of device or platform.

A converged offering that allows consumers to seamlessly switch between the STB, home PC and a tablet or smartphone will provide a universal viewing experience that allows the end-user to access live and VOD content whether they are at home, travelling to work on the train, or just enjoying some down time away from the rest of the family. The infrastructure to support a truly converged service already exists and is currently powering the branded mobile operator TV services that have become so prominent in the US market.

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