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Rovi tests its smart TV ads

April 5, 2011

Rovi Corporation has announced the Rovi Smart TV Field Trial, an initiative created to explore new and emerging advertising opportunities on television and other devices connected to the Internet. The programme enables companies to test campaigns across a wide variety of platforms including TVs, Blu-Ray Players and other devices. By participating, the companies will not only obtain access to campaign metrics and learn about consumer behavior in the living room, but Rovi estimates it may potentially receive tens of millions of ad impressions during the course of the trials through the Rovi Advertising Network. Carnival, Brightline and Brightline’s clients have all agreed to participate in the North America trial, and Rovi plans to launch additional Field Trials in the UKand Canada in the second half of this year.

With ads by Rovi running on Samsung Smart TVs and other connected devices, the Rovi Smart TV Field Trial expands the advertising audience for participating brands.

“TV advertising is changing fast. In order to reach an increasingly fragmented entertainment audience, it is critical for brands to be at the leading edge of new methods for reaching consumers. We’ve created the Smart TV Field Trial program to find new ways to engage and target consumers in the living room, test the effectiveness of campaigns and deliver value to brands – regardless of connected TV platform or device,” said Jeff Siegel, senior vice president of advertising at Rovi Corporation. “We welcome creative and forward-thinking brands to join Rovi, Carnival, Brightline and others as we help lead the evolution of next-generation advertising.”

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