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Wireless video bridge solution from Motorola

April 5, 2011

From Colin Mann in Monaco

Motorola Mobility has unveiled the Motorola VAP2400 video bridge solution, a wireless access device capable of transmitting reliable and high-quality video content over WiFi spectrum throughout the home. The VAP2400’s design enables wireless home networks to deliver a full range of video services and applications without having to run wires through the home.

As compared to complex wireline solutions, the Motorola VAP2400 enables service providers to reduce installation costs creating cost savings which can be passed directly to the consumer. Motorola’s VAP2400 delivers improved reach and video viewing performance compared with previous generations of the technology.

“Motorola’s Media Engagement Barometer research into video consumption habits shows that more and more people are accessing broadcast video services on multiple screens around the home,” said Keith Kelley, vice president, home devices, Motorola Mobility, who described the solution as “a game-changing technology that enables operators to change the way video services are deployed in customer home networks.”

The device is compatible with multiple set-tops, with Motorola suggesting that it delivers enhanced media experiences throughout the home, and allows service providers to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

Motorola suggests that the ability to deliver a varied range of services and applications such as multi-room DVR and sharing of digital content throughout the home will enable operators and service providers to tier their offerings, broadening their portfolio of services to help keep existing customers and attract new ones.

The Motorola VAP2400 is expected to be available for delivery globally from Q3 2011.



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